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Peers Play social skills groups are for children 3 years old to 6th grade. Through play and interactive activities with same aged peers, children learn skills related to increasing their engagement, emotional regulation, social interactions and communication. Specifically, building positive relationships with peers, reciprocity in play,  coping with big emotions, talking to peers, problem solving and making and keeping friendships. 

Groups meet at Peers Play playspace in Kirkland. Groups are 1.25 hours and meet the same day and time each week. We offer groups primarily for 3 year olds through 1st grade, however we also offer a girls group for 2nd-4th grade girls on Tuesdays, 5th-6th grade girls on Thursdays, and 2nd grade boys on Fridays. Please see our Calendar for group schedules.   

The cost for social groups is $85 per session. Families are billed at the end of each month of services. Because we hold a spot in the group for your child, you will be billed when absent.  Before placement in a group, we do an initial one hour intake meeting with the child and family to ensure the group is a good match. You will be billed a $150 intake fee for the intake appointment, if your child is offered a group. At this time we do not bill insurance. It is your responsibility to check with your individual insurance plan for possible reimbursement. 

Please Note:

  • Our groups run year round, however we offer different session times during July-August than the school year groups, which run September-June. We also offer week long camps in the summer as well. 

  • The best time to inquire about groups is early fall for the school year sessions and spring for the summer sessions. 

  • Thank you in advance for filling out our group inquiry form. We know families are eager to find services for their children. We closely monitor all submitted inquiries. If we have any availability in our groups we reach out to families based on our inquiries.

Soft Dots


Family support services are  for parents and caregivers interested in additional ideas and strategies on how to support their child’s development in the areas of play, communication, problem solving, emotional regulation, and social relationships. We collaboratively work together to implement such ideas within the context of everyday life in an engaging manner.

Examples of Family Support Services Include:

Promoting Successful Playdates: Parents and caregivers will receive effective strategies and coaching around creating and leading successful playdates for their child.

Positive Behavior Support: Collaboratively we will work with you to address your child’s challenging behavior. A functional behavior assessment will be conducted and from this information a positive behavior support plan developed. Parents/caregivers will receive support and coaching to successfully implement the plan.


Individual Sessions with Child: Based on our collaboration to identify priority developmental areas, we will provide one to one intervention for your child to improve such areas. 

ABA Therapy Support: For families whose children have just been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and are seeking recommended Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  However, due to long waiting lists they aren’t able to access services right away, we provide short term support to assist families in getting started until families are able to secure long term therapy. With your input we will develop an intervention plan for your child and provide training and support.

The cost for family support services varies depending on the provider. After you fill out an inquiry form and Peers Play has openings available, you will be paired with a provider who will share more detailed information about their prices and policies. 

Soft Dots


Through collaboration with families and your child's school team we can provide support to enhance success. We believe that for optimal child outcomes it is essential to collaborate and work together as a team.


Examples of School Services Include:


Program Evaluation:  We will evaluate your child's current program and give feedback related to accommodations, modifications, additional program elements warranted, etc.  


School Observations:  Many parents hire us to do periodic observations of their child at school to ensure their child's current educational and social needs are being met and to inform collaborative meetings between school staff and parents on any modification that may need to take place. 


Attending School Meeting Consultations:  As a parent of a child with some special needs, it can be overwhelming to attend school meetings alone.  We will attend such meetings with you to support you in meeting your child's needs. 


Development of Positive Behavior Support Plan:  If your child is experiencing challenging behavior in the school setting we will work with you and your child's school team to develop a positive behavior support plan to implement at school. 


IEP Review and Development: If your child qualifies for an Individualized Education Plan we will assist families on creating appropriate goals, objectives, how to measure success, and delivery minutes.  


504 Plans:  If your child qualifies for a 504 plan we will help you develop accommodations specific to your child's needs. An IEP is a plan put in place if your child qualifies for special education services. For those who do not qualify but have a disability, a 504 plan can help to outline specific accommodations to support your child's school success.

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA):  If your child is demonstrating challenging behavior in school we will complete a FBA to identify the function of your child's behavior which informs the positive strategies used to change behavior.

The cost for school services varies depending on the provider. After you fill out an inquiry form and Peers Play has openings available, you will be paired with a provider who will share more detailed information about their prices and policies. 

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